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Episode 68: Good Treasure Radio - Conferring the Kingdom Pt2  

In this episode, your bible teacher, Darius Good further explains what the scripture means when it says "we are seated in heavenly places..." This word seated means to have a kingdom conferred upon. Darius expresses the importance of understanding this concept and the importance of understanding sonship. 

Episode 67: Good Treasure Radio - Conferring the Kingdom Pt1 (conclusion)  

The conclusion to the message, "Conferring the Kingdom." What does it mean to be seated in heavenly places? The word "seated" does not simply mean to sit down. In this episode, your bible teacher Darius Good, explains the importance of the word "seated" and the depth of what that word really implies. 

Episode 65: Good Treasure Radio - Powerful but Powerless  

God has made power and authority available to the Believer. However, as long as we are a child, we are the same as a servant. In this episode, your bible teacher, Darius Good explains the process of being seated in heavenly places.


Darius Good has released his first book entitled, "Unlockly Godly Wisdom: Solomon's 7 Pillars of Wisdom." Visit the website today at and add this book to your collection. 

Episode 63: Good Treasure Radio - Don't Forget Egypt: The Divided Church of America  

In this episode, Darius Good discusses several social issues. From race and racism, the racial division in the church, police brutality and reform, BLM, the protest, rioting, and looting. Darius highlights four impactful points as he examines the relationship and attitude God required of Israel towards the Egyptians post bondage. 

Episode 62: Good Treasure Radio - Manifestation of the flesh vs fruit of the Spirit pt1  

In this episode, your bible teacher, Darius Good looks at the manifestation of the flesh and how these manifestations are contrary to the fruit of the Spirit.


The song featured on today's show is from Darius Good's latest album "See You When I Get There." This album is available on every streaming and digital platform. Click "HERE" to listen to the album.